Sonia Turcotte

November 23, 2019

Research questions

I have spent the last few weeks deciding what I want to do for my masters dissertation. At this stage it’s pretty wooly, but I wanted to share the questions I’m thinking about to get more ideas.

So, here is my working title

What contribution does the collection and use of data have on queer bodies, identities and behaviours?

And possible research questions

In what ways are our identities and experiences constituted by data (and missing data sets)? How does this affect those who are not represented?

What can be learned from the absence of data sets in particular areas of queer lives? How does it correlate to what is considered normative?

What ways do people ‘perform’ queerness, both within and outside the norms, and how does that feed back into the generation and collection of new data sets?

How does the collection and representation of queer people in data sets impact their corporeal and material experiences?

What effect does the requirement for humans to be increasingly machine-readable have on individuals?

This is a completely new field for me, so I welcome any ideas or converstions.

I’d love to hear about interesting readings, examples and case studies, people or organisations doing work in this area, etc.